• Tricking for Treats

    Because I’m an editor for VICE, I get a buttload of free stuff from every kind of retailer you can think of. Unfortunately, most of it is so wack, I end up regifting it. Just the other day, I received a plastic jug of water-based cooch lube—the shit was the size of a gallon of milk… What am I going to do with industrial quantities of skeet grease?

  • Girls Rule My World

    Through my relentless search on the internet for the perfect gifts, I discovered three new amazing companies run by people with vaginas that make cool stuff for other people with vaginas. I was so inspired by their very different but awesome missions that I thought I'd share them with you.

  • I Almost Died Trying to See En Noir, But You Don't Have To

    En Noir has become a go-to brand for fashion icons like Kanye West and A$AP Rocky, and it's easy to see why—their mix of luxurious leathers and streetwear swagger is perfect for a hip-hop dude with refined tastes.

  • The Evolution of Patrik Ervell

    It has been a thrill for me to watch menswear designer Patrik Ervell as he continues to develop his aesthetic every season. I sat down with him in his apartment to chat about about his early days in the fashion industry, his latest collection, and why being a tech nerd works for men’s fashion.

  • Black Man in a Dress

    Being a strong black man (or any man) has nothing to do with what you wear or who you fuck, but whether or not you have the will power to stay true to yourself. If that means wearing a dress, then so be it.