Articles tagged "Chelyabinsk"

  • Is Earth in Danger Now That Australia Can't Track Comets?

    The only place in the Southern Hemisphere that monitored comets and asteroids just got closed down due to a lack of funding. Does that put the planet at risk?

  • What Really Happened in Russia This Morning?

    As you've probably heard already, a meteor exploded above the Chelyabinsk region of central Russia earlier today. It injured over 900 people, at least two of them seriously. But what the hell was it? UFOs? A missile test gone wrong? Or... an American invasion!? We talked to an astronomer to find out.

  • A Meteor Exploded Above Russia This Morning

    While the world waits for an asteroid to graze the orbits of our television satellites, citizens of central Russia were greeted this morning by a more mortality shaking kind of astronomical event: a giant meteorite exploded across the atmosphere.