Articles tagged "NYFW"

  • Things Get Weird at NYFW

    Maybe we just don't get fashion? But what if we did? That's pretty trippy if you ask us. So naturally, when we had all this B-roll eye candy left over from our fashion week coverage, we got stoned and made this video.

  • Old at Fashion Week

    This fashion week, we brought our good friend Dottie along. Dottie just turned 70, so she's not too cool to ask obviously important but regularly ignored questions like "Why are the models so thin?" And "Why does that snuggie cost more than a Fabergé egg?"

  • VICE Does New York Fashion Week

    Fashion Week is like a cosplay convention for the kids who fetishized copies of i-D instead of anime books about tentacle porn. During the runway presentations, we chatted it up with a bunch of the lovable weirdos who frequent the shows.

  • Weird Scenes from New York Fashion Week

    Fashion week is like a fierce comet covered in useless zippers and lapels that comes crashing down on New York City twice a year. This year, we sent Ohio-born photographer Conor Lamb to attend all of the shows to capture the strange, beautiful, and grotesque spectacle that is fashion week.

  • NYFW Reviews: Lisa Franks’s Vomit After a Late-Night Coke Bender

    Last year, Betsey Johnson filed for bankruptcy. This surprised many of her fans—the Betsey Johnson brand is Versace for mallrats who love scrunchies and polka dots—but I thought the news was fitting. After all, the only event more over-the-top than a bankruptcy filing is a Betsey Johnson fashion show.

  • Model by Day, Chef by Night

    Rōze Traore has two full-time, highly demanding jobs as a chef and model. On paper, the two contradict each other completely. We spoke with him to find out how he manages to maintain these competing worlds.

  • Gerlan Marcel Makes Midwestern Mall Culture Sexy

    Even if her dangling rhinestone earrings didn’t spell it out, Gerlan Marcel is a boss. The fashion designer behind Gerlan Jeans consistently blows our minds. I met her at her design studio to talk about her love of malls, touring with the Grateful Dead, and the politics of fashion.

  • Protesting Fashion's Killers at NYFW

    Photojournalist Ismail Ferdous arranged a spectacle outside of Lincoln Center during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to protest the human cost of fast fashion.

  • Introducing the 2014 Fashion Issue

    In case the leather gimp on the cover doesn’t make it blatantly obvious, the 2014 Fashion Issue is sex-themed. Instead of giving everyone exactly what they’d expect from an issue of VICE that revolves around sex, we decided to take a more refined approach.

  • Starving for Fashion

    This week in New York City, hundreds of young girls will hit the runway for fashion week, the modeling world’s Super Bowl. It looks glamorous, but the lifestyle of a model can be a catalyst for poor mental health; I was one of those women who suffered from mental disorders related to the pressures of the job.