Articles tagged "opening ceremony"

  • A Surprise 'Music Video' for Karen O

    On Sunday, during a ten-minute break as we were rehearsing and lighting at the Met, we made a very impromptu "music video” for Karen O in the spirit of her album. It just seemed like if you have the Opera House, that song, and Elle Fanning together, you shouldn't let the opportunity go by.

  • Spike Jonze and Jonah Hill Are Playwrights Now

    It’s seemingly impossible for a person to try their hand at everything without completely sucking at at least something. This apparently doesn’t apply to Spike Jonze as the director, producer, screenwriter, actor, skater, impressive dancer, etc. etc. has now become a playwright and we have proof that he didn’t blow it.

  • Save the World from Shitty Fast Fashion by Supporting 'Sumzine'

    Sumzine is about buying less and buying better in a world consumed by fast fashion. We called up publisher Jamie Ortega to talk about the importance of buying sustainable gear and the zine's Kickstarter campaign.

  • XXBC Is Real New York Street Style

    At first glance, the fledgling clothing label can appear to be just another streetwear brand "envisioned" by some overnight designer with a "minimal" approach, but by mixing highbrow production values with a lowbrow street sensibility, XXBC is anything but. It's luxury streetwear in the truest sense.

  • Phlemuns Is More Genuine Than Ginuwine

    James Flemons is an old-school fashion cat who runs a one-man factory out of his duplex in Mid-City, Los Angeles. You can find him cranking out the entire production of his line, Phlemuns, with two sewing machines and limitless hustle.

  • Gerlan Marcel Makes Midwestern Mall Culture Sexy

    Even if her dangling rhinestone earrings didn’t spell it out, Gerlan Marcel is a boss. The fashion designer behind Gerlan Jeans consistently blows our minds. I met her at her design studio to talk about her love of malls, touring with the Grateful Dead, and the politics of fashion.

  • The Weekend: Opening Ceremony, Hood By Air, Robert Geller, and More

    This year we tasked photographer Conor Lamb with documenting New York Fashion Week, so we wouldn't have to. On day two of NYFW, Conor captured Opening Ceremony doing their own fashion version of the Fast and the Furious and Robert Geller going hardcore punk.

  • The Evolution of Patrik Ervell

    It has been a thrill for me to watch menswear designer Patrik Ervell as he continues to develop his aesthetic every season. I sat down with him in his apartment to chat about about his early days in the fashion industry, his latest collection, and why being a tech nerd works for men’s fashion.

  • The A-Z's of New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013

    Now that the festivities are over and we've recovered from alcohol poisoning, here is our definitive breakdown of all the collections, trends, dickwads, and soul-sucking industry practices that we discovered during the fall/winter presentations at NYFW 2013.

  • Pretty Kool-A

    Starring Maggie Lee and Sandy Kim