Articles tagged "meteor"

  • Russia's Dyatlov Pass Incident, the Strangest Unsolved Mystery of the Last Century

    Nearly 1,000 people were injured in Russia yesterday when a meteor exploded somewhere over the Ural Mountains. But crazy cosmic phenomena are nothing new in the Ural range.

  • What Really Happened in Russia This Morning?

    As you've probably heard already, a meteor exploded above the Chelyabinsk region of central Russia earlier today. It injured over 900 people, at least two of them seriously. But what the hell was it? UFOs? A missile test gone wrong? Or... an American invasion!? We talked to an astronomer to find out.

  • The Insane World of Russian Dash-Cam Videos

    By now, you've probably seen the YouTube videos of the meteor of death passing through Earth's atmosphere above the Ural Mountains, lighting up the sky, injuring hundreds of people, and making Russian people shout a lot. As great as those dash-cam videos are, Russians drive around with a camera rolling 24/7, and that meteor ranks somewhere around a six in the nationwide catalog of crazy shit caught on camera.

  • A Meteor Exploded Above Russia This Morning

    While the world waits for an asteroid to graze the orbits of our television satellites, citizens of central Russia were greeted this morning by a more mortality shaking kind of astronomical event: a giant meteorite exploded across the atmosphere.